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WebAPI DB and environment variables for Broadsea


I’m taking a look at Broadsea for deploying Atlas and I’ve ran into two issues so far:

  1. It doesn’t seem like Broadsea sets up the WebAPI database for you. I had to do this separately using the WebAPI installation instructions provided here: https://github.com/OHDSI/WebAPI/wiki/WebAPI-Installation-Guide
  2. The environment variables currently provided in the docker-compose.yml appear to be for the connection the WebAPI DB but they expect a schema name of ‘ohdsi’ while the documentation above sets up a schema name ‘webapi’ – at least for the Postgres DB setup (see https://github.com/OHDSI/WebAPI/wiki/PostgreSQL-Installation-Guide). These environment variables are:
  • datasource.cdm.schema
  • datasource.ohdsi.schema
  • spring.jpa.properties.hibernate.default_schema
  • spring.batch.repository.tableprefix
  • flyway_schemas
  • flyway.placeholders.ohdsiSchema

I’ve only just started looking at these systems so I’m sure I have misunderstandings about some of these things, but I was able to get the WebAPI up and running by changing those schema names to ‘webapi’. Can someone please explain what I do and don’t understand correctly and make recommendations about potentially updating the README for Broadsea if necessary?

Thanks in advance!

(Lee Evans) #2


Point 1 - that is the case currently - but there has been some discussion around providing a default postgres database for the webapi database/schema as part of Broadsea based Atlas/WebAPI deployments
Point 2 - yes, thanks for identifying the inconsistency!

Please feel free to submit a pull request in the broadsea github to update the postgresql docker-compose.yml file replacing the ‘ohdsi’ schema name with the ‘webapi’ schema name.

You can submit a separate pull request if you have any changes in mind for the README and I would be happy to review.