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Web api authorization whne using multiple data sources


I am in the process of setting up WebAPI and Atlas within our local data center. I plan to incorporate multiple data sources, each requiring specific user groups authorized for access. Is it feasible to set up user access so that upon logging into Atlas, a user can view only the data sources they have been granted permission to access?

Thank you.

Yes, after you add a data source you can assign specific users access. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to do it at the group level.

You can import based on groups, you’d need to set this up in the Configuration section, then click on “Import Users from LDAP/Active Directory” to set up a job in which you can map roles to security groups and have it run on a recurring basis.

I setup a New Role with the exact permissions I need for a certain group of users:

Then I specify the granularity of permissions for the role:

And as new users or groups of users are added, I can set the user roles based on that group:

Hope that helps.

Yes, it does help. But how do I add a new user in OHDSI on AWS?
Your help is greatly appreciated