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Watch Patrick Ryan's Presentation From Tuesday; New Community Calls Page

(Craig Sachson) #1

Hi everybody,
Thanks to everybody who joined our first Tuesday community call of 2021, and thanks to @Patrick_Ryan for presenting how OHDSI can “paddle together in the same direction” in 2021. It certainly gave us plenty to think about, as we look forward to an overall OKR-a-thon later this month (details in the presentation). If you missed it, the video is available below.

During the presentation, Patrick asked everybody to take part in a quick poll that ask about “What Should The OHDSI Objectives Be in 2021?” If you missed the meeting, you can still make your opinion known by voting in the poll here. Please include your own answer if you wish, or choose one of the included options.

There is a new Community Calls page on OHDSI.org under the “This Week in OHDSI” dropdown, where we will link presentation recordings and slides, as well as post the upcoming meeting topics. If you ever miss a meeting, or want to be prepared for an upcoming session, please use this page.

Check out Patrick’s presentation below!