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Vocabulary WG call for speakers

In 2023, the Vocabulary WG hosted sever wonderful speakers (@Polina_Talapova talking about SNOMED-LOINC hierarchy, @Dymshyts and @stephanieshong with impact of vocabulary changes on concept sets, @Mikita_Salavei with Meddra, @Maria_Khitrun with SNOMED and others). By the way, all recordings and slides are in the CDM - Vocabulary subgroup channel in Teams.

So many of our collaborators do work and research related to Vocabularies (or even have thoughts on using Vocabularies to ETL their data) - we invite you to share your insights with the community on a Vocab WG meeting! Please reach out to me in teams/emails/any other communication channel.

Tagging those I know about: @elisa.henke with German vocabularies, @agolozar and @Vlad_Korsik with oncology vocabularies, @burrowse with condition mappings.

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