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Vocabulary mapping - Lab terms

Hello Everyone,

Our lab data has few terms which contain comments and a few terms which contain report but none of them has a direct match (based on my search). However, I find some concepts such as shown below. Should all these be mapped to 36204157 or 36204156 or 4014027 (observation domain - which could be incorrect because we are looking at the lab records) or 3004691 (measurement domain) and 3052565 (measurement domain) . Can guide us with this?

Flow Cytometry Comment
Germ Comment
Negative Fungus Culture Comment
Platelet Comment
Culture Comment
Haematologist Comment
Cytogenetic Comment
LAB Intervention Comment
LAB Comment
PCR Note
WBC Comment
WBC Comments
PLT Comments
RBC Comment
Glucometer comment line 1
Glucometer comment line 2
URBC Comment
Glucometer comment line 3
Molecular Histopathology Report,
Gynaecological Cytology Report
Scanned Report

I am afraid you would have to take the comments/reports and map the content to standard concepts, @SELVA_MUTHU_KUMARAN. Can you provide examples of their content?

Or you can put all comments and reports into the Note table. Then link the Measurement record to the Note record via the Fact Relationship table. The data will be available for use in the cdm. Once you receive a use case for a particular Measurement, you can parse/nlp the relevant data and map to standard concept_ids.