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Vocabulary Content not completely showing up in USAGI

Hello Everyone,
I would like to have a quick clarification for a mapping in USAGI. We have a med ‘TRIUMEQ’ from NA ACCORD that needs to be mapped. I’ve attached the screenshot where TRIUMEQ is being mapped to BARIUM with a 0.46% match score. But when checking the other results, we only find TRIUMEQ pill or oral tablet but not the exact TRIUMEQ. I got the RXNORM of TRIUMEQ from RXNAV website as 1546889 and checked it in the CONCEPT.CSV file from the ATHENA vocabulary and I was able to find the exact TRIUMEQ with that RXNORM. So, my question would be , why is it not showing up in frontend USAGI while the name exists in the CSV file

Hi @vrames5, welcome to the OHDSI forums.

The simple answer is that Usagi supports mapping to valid mapping targets (standard concepts) and therefore does not show the whole vocabulary content.

Triumeq is a brand name and is a non-standard concept. The top two search hits in your screenshot, Triumeq Pill and Triumeq Oral Product, are classification concepts and should also not be used as target concepts. Ideally you would have additional information from the source, e.g. the dose and form of this medication to map to a ‘Branded Drug’ (e.g. abacavir 600 MG / dolutegravir 50 MG / Lamivudine 300 MG Delayed Release Oral Tablet [Triumeq]). If this information is not available, I would advice to map to the active ingredient(s) of Triumeg.

Thank you @MaximMoinat ! That makes sense.

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