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Vocabularies joint community activity

In the past couple of Vocabulary WG meetings we discussed a joint vocabulary community activity we would like to carry this year.

This post in an opportunity to get involved for those who did not attend the meetings.

Right now, we have three options:
a) Vocabulary Tutorial (how to use the Vocabularies for ETL and studies)
b) Community Contribution Workshop (how to get the content you need into the Vocabularies)
c) Quality Assurance Study-a-thon (look into quality problems together).

If you are interested in participating in organizing and contributing to the content of such an activity, please review the proposals and sign up here. We are hoping that our experts who were the part of such activities in the past (@MPhilofsky, @DTorok, @mvanzandt, @clairblacketer and others) will be interested, but anybody is truly welcome :slight_smile: