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Visit associated to a refill

(Karthik) #1

I’m posting a question I recently got from a site:

"We have a common workflow for refills (Refill encounter in Epic)…The nurse authorizes a refill upon patient request, provided it meets certain protocols. The refill may then get faxed or sent on to the pharmacy. Right now we map these Refills to VISIT_OCCURRENCE table with visit_concept_id = 0.

Is there a better visit_concept_id for us to use in this scenario? There are so few standard OMOP concepts for domain=VISIT, class=VISIT and vocabulary=VISIT. Should we infer this is a Pharmacy Visit (concept id 581458) even though the patient is interacting with the clinic office, typically a nurse, and not the pharmacy itself?"

I was thinking either a pharmacy visit or a Telehealth visit b/c the prescription might have been discussed either over the phone or email…

@Christian_Reich @clairblacketer @mvanzandt

(Christian Reich) #2


So, how does the nurse know when to get into action? Must have received a phone call (=telehealth Visit). Or how does that work?

(Melanie Philofsky) #3

Agree with @Christian_Reich, this is a telehealth Visit. Visits are defined by the Person-Provider interaction and not the purpose/goal of the Visit. In this case, the Person-Provider interaction is a phone call/email/patient portal interaction (aka telehealth) Visit.

(Karthik) #4

Thanks. That makes sense. It makes sense for the visit that generated the data to be Telehealth related. I will point people to this answer.