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Vaccine concept mapping improvement

(Yupeng Li) #1


This is Yupeng Li from Merck. I am relatively new to real-world evidence and OMOP CDM.
When doing vaccine related outcomes research, I found a few obstacles and later listed some of them in the OHDSI symposium poster, “Quality assessment of vaccine concepts in OMOP common data model” https://www.ohdsi.org/2020-global-symposium-showcase-26/. @Christian_Reich have provided many good comments and suggestions during the Symposium.

Given the pandemic, upcoming covid-19 vaccines, and vaccine outcomes research needs, it becomes more and more urgent to have better hierarchy and mappings for all vaccine concepts. I’d like to follow up with the community to see if anyone is interested to improve the mappings and seek guidance on how to do it.



(Alexander Davydov) #2


Great job, very impressive!
We’re trying to build a hierarchy out of the Standard RxNorm, CVX and ATC: link1, link2. Cpt4/hcpcs is somehow out of the scope now.
The problem is that they provide the granularity of the different axes and to get the real standardization a new vocabulary would be a choice.

The source vocabulary mappings definitely need a big clean-up, but we started pay additional attention when adding/refreshing them.

Does it sound as a new working group? :smile:

(Xintong Li) #3

Hi Yupeng,

Thanks for sharing the great work.
I am now working on the influenza vaccine concept with Read code in the UK and found a similar issue with the mapping. I’m interested in further work with the community to improve the mappings.


(Lixia Yao) #4

Alexander and Xintong,

My name is Lixia and I am Yupeng’s colleague at Merck. Thank you very much for you to share the same interests! We look forward to an opportunity to discuss with you further on this timely and important topic.

(Adam Black) #5


I work with Lixia and Yupeng at Merck and would like to help with this effort as well.