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Using the CDM for Multiple Randomized Trials


(Layla Bouzoubaa) #1

Hello! I am an absolute beginner with this so please excuse me if I sound ignorant. I have been tasked to port data from 3 CTN datasets into the OMOP CDM. I don’t find the OHDSI super helpful. In my opinion it makes a LOT of assumptions on the user’s base knowledge on CDMs, RDBs and the concept of vocabularies.
Does anyone have any good recommendations on resources that could help?
An example of something that’s need to be reflected in the CDM but I don’t know how is how to deal with randomization. In each trial, a patient was randomized to a study drug (which study arm aka drug, randomized date) and inducted (induction date). I don’t know where to begin with this. Does this information belong in the visits table or the observations table? And fields that are not part of the vocabulary, like marital status or income? are these created concepts?
any help would be greatly appreciated!!

(Felipe GOLIB) #2

There is a suggestion on marital status here. IMHO, a similar rationale can apply to income.

(Melanie Philofsky) #3


@sonia Leads the Clinical Trails WG. They should be able to guide you on some of your questions. Their next meeting is this Friday at 10am Eastern/3pm UK time. Here’s the link to the WG page.

(Layla Bouzoubaa) #4

Thank you, Felipe!