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Using broadsea to install WebAPI/Atlas: which database is this referring to?


So this is part of the docker-compose.yml file:

  - env=webapi-postgresql
  - security_origin=*
  - datasource_driverClassName=org.postgresql.Driver
  - datasource_url=jdbc:postgresql://
  - datasource.cdm.schema=cdm
  - datasource.ohdsi.schema=ohdsi
  - datasource_username=secret-user-name
  - datasource_password=secret-user-password
  - spring.jpa.properties.hibernate.default_schema=ohdsi
  - spring.jpa.properties.hibernate.dialect=org.hibernate.dialect.PostgreSQLDialect
  - spring.batch.repository.tableprefix=ohdsi.BATCH_
  - flyway_datasource_driverClassName=org.postgresql.Driver
  - flyway_datasource_url=jdbc:postgresql://
  - flyway_schemas=ohdsi
  - flyway.placeholders.ohdsiSchema=ohdsi
  - flyway_datasource_username=secret-user-name
  - flyway_datasource_password=secret-user-password
  - flyway.locations=classpath:db/migration/postgresql

which includes the configuration for datasource_url and flyway_datasource_url. I am not sure exactly which database datasource_url and flyway_datasource_url refers to?

We have two databases in the WebAPI/Atlas world: one is used solely by WebAPI so it can work correctly, another one is the real (and huge) clinical dataset in CDM format. These two databases have nothing to do with each other.

Sorry for my newbie question… For the datasource_url and flyway_datasource_url here in the yml file, are they both referring to the database tables used by WebAPI, or, are they both referring to the database tables that contain the clinical CDM data (and vocabularies)?

Thanks in advance for looking into my question.

Let me add @blasisd and @pnatsiavas since they are experienced users, might be able to answer this. Thank you!