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Using ATLAS with extended local vocabulary

We have some local concepts that do not map to any Athena vocabulary and have added these in the 2,000,000,000 range and added appropriate new VOCABULARY.vocabulary_concept_id and CONCEPT_CLASS.concept_class_concept_id using the “Observation” Domain and as Non-Standard concepts.

When trying to create concept sets or using the “Search” function in ATLAS, these extended concepts do not appear.
However, they do appear in the “Condition” Report under the data sources.

Does ATLAS support use of extended vocabulary?
Perhaps there is other vocabulary configuration that is needed so we can build Concept Sets for these extended vocabulary.

Thanks, Jeff Warvel - Regenstrief

Hello @Kepi, welcome to the community.

Can you try switching the active data source on the ‘Configuration’ page? This should change the application context to use the vocabularies from the corresponding data source.

Hi there @rookie_crewkie ,
Yes that did work for me. Thanks a bunch for the details!!!

For the community:
Would it not make sense to have a feature to select a data source from the ATLAS Search function?
Rather than selecting your data source from Configuration before entering the Search?

Maybe something like this

After you complete the search, there is a data source selector to toggle between the RC/DRC (and if available, PC/DPC) counts.