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Users removed from AD Group are still mapped in Atlas

When using Atlas 2.10 with AD security enabled, when trying to remove users from the AD group, they still appear in our Atlas user groups after the hourly refresh of the group mappings. I know that new users are synced correctly, but removed users are not.

Is this intended? Is there a way to fix this, or is it a bug?


@Ajit_Londhe ATLAS does not remove user records from DB. So users will still be present in the application records. Depending on Sync Job settings you can keep their roles or they will be refreshed each time

That checkbox didn’t have an effect.

I did clear all permissions for all roles and then re-started the hourly sync job, that appears to have worked for this need. But moving forward, if we need to revoke access from someone, will the sync job unassign the user if we’ve removed them from the AD group?

Probably it’s a bug in ATLAS, I will log it :+1:

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