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User not able to login to Atlas


We have set up WebAPI version 2.13, Atlas version 2.13 on Tomcat 9 server. It was working fine till last week and now it is not letting users to log in to Atlas.

We have configured source, source daimon, and enabled Atlas security. We have 4 users with administrator access and it was working previously, now Atlas UI is not able to log in any of the user.

Please find the screenshot and error log below -

tomcat9log.txt (77.2 KB)

This is something new and we couldn’t find discussion around this topic. Can someone please help us resolve this or guide us in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

Also, http://localhost:8080/WebAPI/ is working whereas http://localhost:8080/WebAPI/source/sources/ is not.

Was the solution for this issue found?