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Use of classifications in _concept_id

I was trying to create an observation to “allergy to quinolones” as an “allergy to” + “quinolones”, but I just realized “quinolones” is a classification, not a standard concept. Is it legal to use a classification on the observation_concept_id? I’ve always thought that _concept_id should only come from standard concepts, but seems that pointing to classifications could be useful, specially in allergy coding.
There is also a non-standard drug quinolone code in snomed, but it’s not mapped to anything

Hello @Diego_Bosca_Tomas,

It is against the OMOP CDM conventions to use classification concepts, standard concept = ‘C’, in any *_concept_id field. The classification concepts sit outside the actual data, they are not at the record level and are used as groupers or parents of concepts in which a researcher wants all descendants or concepts in a particular group or class. Is “allergy to quinolones” in your data as coded data or uncoded text?

yes, there is also quinolones as standard terms in other vocabularies we have not included. Seems kind of weird to have standard and non-standard terms (the snomed one with no mapping) that kind of have the same meaning as the classification, thus the question.

This code is a local code from an internal vocabulary for allergies.

You should create an issue in the vocabulary GitHub located here to ask for a mapping from the non-standard concept_id to a standard concept_id. Make sure to give them your use case. The Vocab team will also be able to answer “why isn’t there a mapping”. I’m just the police officer for conventions :slight_smile:

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