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Usagi - When there is no possible matching

(João Almeida) #1


I was using Usagi to test the vocabulary mapping, and in my tests, I found some situation where there is no matching possible, which is ok since the concept maybe does not exist in the imported vocabularies database.

My question is, in these situations, would it be possible to have all the vocabularies listed when the Usagi does not found any matching?

A simple example, I tried to map “M” as male, but in my dataset, the male entries are only the M. Thus, Usagi does not found any matching, and I was not able to map this concept.

Am I configuring the app wrong?

(Martijn Schuemie) #2

Hi @joaorafaelalmeida!

I think you’re talking about two different things:

  1. Your source code does not have an equivalent concept in the vocabulary. This happens most often when mapping drugs. For example, there is no concept ‘acetaminophen 3.1415 mg oral tablet’.

  2. There is an equivalent concept, but Usagi couldn’t find it based on the source code term. This is the example you gave, where nothing was found searching for ‘M’.

In case of 1, you should map to concept ID 0 (unmapped) for now, and request a concept to be added to the vocabulary.

In case of 2, you can just improve Usagi’s automated mapping using manual queries. For example:


In this case there is a good Standard Concept to map to (8507), and we can select that (don’t forget to click on ‘Replace concept’.

(João Almeida) #3

Hi @schuemie,
Thank you for your time to answer.
Your suggestion (point 2) solves my problem.
Best regards,