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USAGI Problem reading csv files

(Frank Fox) #1

When I use the File ‘Open’ menu option in USAGI-v1.2.8, and select a .csv file, nothing happens.
I’ve tried a few different csv variations? I’m sure this worked before as I used it to save interim mappings.
Any hints?

(Maxim Moinat) #2

Hi Frank, could you share what the head of your Usagi csv file is? Usagi has a specific save file format.
If you are trying to load a new source terminology list, use the ‘Import’ functionality.

(Frank Fox) #3

Ok. Thanks Maxim.
I can see that I was loading a csv file in a different format i.e. a source_to_concept_map.
I guess that USAGI will only ‘open’ a file it had previously saved.