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USAGI Not Matching Correctly

For the last couple of months, I’ve been using USAGI to check all of my local concept mappings (originally done in USAGI). But suddenly, the concept “guessing” function has started mis-functioning.

I’m trying to create a new “Units” local vocabulary for Source_to_concept_map. This is my import screen. You can see I don’t have a description column, just the code repeated. (I’ve done this often before)

After indexing the codes, I get this. You can see mL has no mapping, neither is there a suggestion in the Results.

However, I put “milliliter” in the Query, I get this, which finds the exact match including the precise Concept Code.

What’s more, some of them that do match are absolutely wrong. For instance, Kg.

But when I use the term “kilogram”, I get this

I know this worked before. Just last month I mapped a different Units vocabulary and the matching worked perfectly.

  • USAGI v 1.4.3
  • I’ve tried filtering by concept_class, vocabulary, and domain, singly and in combinations. Nothing works.
  • I’ve rebuilt my indexes.
  • The vocabulary has not changed. In All of Us program, we all use the same vocabulary files, which we got in February, and have not changed.
  • If I manually put the correct description into the DESCRIPTION column of the source csv, it will map correctly, but it didn’t require it previously.
  • I also opened up the file I did last month, and while the mappings are still there, the suggestions in the Results has the same problem now.

Has anyone seen this? Any suggestions?


Tagging also @MaximMoinat to see if he could also help

Usagi does not use the concept code for matching. And as far as I know, it never has.

I do agree this could be useful feature and I even have opened an issue on this a while ago: https://github.com/OHDSI/Usagi/issues/134.
However, this issue has a low priority, because the unit matching is currently the only use case for this feature.

Thanks, Maxim. I was so sure it had worked before. But you should know. The last time I mapped units from scratch was several years ago. Since then I’ve updated it, but always applied the previous mapping.

This issue came up when I was demonstrating USAGI to someone and used units as an example, attempting to do it from scratch. It threw off the whole demo because there were few correct mappings.

Lesson learned: use a different example.

Thanks again.

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I totally agree it is non-intuitive. If you ever find why it worked before, please let me know! Would be a shame if we lost this functionality.

And I learned this lesson the hard way (a few time) as well: always rehearse a live demo from A-Z at least 2 times ;).