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Usagi - Java Number Format Error

(Aaron Eisman) #1

I am attempting to create a mapping with Usagi and getting the following error that is applied to my counts column:

java.lang.NumberFormatException: For Input string: “”

I know it relates to the counts column because I can perform the import if I do not specify a counts column. I have checked and do not believe that there are any blank string values for this column (e.g. I am able to import the file into a dataframe and assign type Int to the column with all rows having a value).

Has anyone run into a similar problem or does anyone have any suggestions?

I am running Usagi on Linux.



(Aaron Eisman) #2

Attempted this on a Windows server and got the same error.

(Aaron Eisman) #3

Solved by deleting last line of the file, unclear why this caused an error, but will leave this thread up in case others run into this problem in the future.