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US-based ICD-10-CM diagnosis code variation from WHO originating ICD-10 and other country ICD adaptations

(Dave Mallett) #1

Hello – I’m new to our OHDSI forum, and I’m on the hunt to better understand the differences in the US-based ICD-10-CM diagnosis code variation from WHO’s originating ICD-10 code-set. More specifically, I do a lot of analysis and data science with employers and providers/health systems from an overall health, risk, productivity, and well-being perspective, and I have recently started to do such cost & utilization trend work across multiple countries.

To that end, I was hoping to leverage a pretty robust ICD-10-CM based set of mappings I have created (which I’d be more than happy to upload to the open source OHDSI repository if it’s not already duplicative; it’s based on public domain HHS/CMS data dumps) in order to point at the other countries (e.g., Latin America, UK, etc.); however, I quickly realized that my US-based lookups weren’t entirely applicable to some of these other countries.

The research I’ve done up to this point was helpful in pointing out that there are definitely codes in WHO’s originating list that won’t be in our ICD-10-CM US-based listing, and vice-versa, but I also found that other countries are also deviating in their cross-walks of what WHO published.

Ultimately, I’d like to support the global cause in creating greater consistency in clinical condition-based reporting/analytics…even if there needs to be multiple steps in doing so. I’d be happy to share back what I find/build, but I’m also hoping to obtain any info/support/lookup tables, etc. from this forum that might help me get kick-started in terms of understanding multi-country variances in ICD-10 code sets / rollups.

Thanks in advance