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Updating icons in Atlas - good or bad?


We’re thinking of updating the icon library in Atlas from FontAwesome 4.7 to version 5, so that we can have access to more icons for the new tagging feature in Atlas 2.10.

Updating the library will add many more healthcare related icons, but also modifies existing icons we use today in Atlas:


Is this good or bad? :slight_smile: Curious about what the community thinks.

@Chris_Knoll @anthonysena


Some extra context:

The tagging feature in Atlas 2.10 allows you to pre-specify a tagging ontology that can be used in any Atlas study asset (concept sets, cohort definitions, characterizations, IR analyses, cohort pathways).


Admins can establish which tag groups and tag values are available to users and then what icons and colors appear. In the above example, we used FontAwesome 4.7 icons (that’s what’s available in Atlas today) for Exploratory status, Cardiovascular therapeutic area, and a custom tag of TITAN Pilot.

We’re finding there’s really not many useful icons in FontAwesome 4.7. Version 5 adds ~1200 new icons, which will help in selecting useful icons for tags.

Sounds good to me, the new icons are similar enough to the v4 ones that I don’t see any confusion with that.

I’m very excited about the new tagging feature. I am in favor of a font change that would support a greater variety of icons.

Can hardly wait to install the new version! – But I will certainly wait for this.