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Update ICD10CM to incorporate 2022 codeset

Who would be best to talk to to request the Athena Vocabulary for ICD10CM to be updated to include all codes added as part of the 2022 codeset? These codes became effective on October 1, 2021.

Additions listed here - 2022 New ICD-10-CM Codes

@Christian_Reich @Polina_Talapova Is there any short-term goal to get the ICD10CM codeset up to date?

Hello @Aaron_Kawalsky !

You are in the right place to ask this question.:slight_smile:

We can add these ICD10CM concepts to Athena unmapped (without mappings to standard concepts) in a few weeks. Or we can map them and add them with mappings. But it will take us a little longer. And mapped concepts will appear in Athena in a month.

Do you need these ICD10CM concepts without mapping?

Hi @divakhnenko, thanks for the response! We will be fine without mappings for now.

The sooner this is possible the better, so please let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist!

Hi @Aaron_Kawalsky , we are actively working on making this available as soon as possible. For mappings we are currently reviewing the SNOMED to ICD10-CM refset (which seems to cover around 50% of the new codes) to help us facilitating the mapping. Please bear with us a little longer.
Cheers - Mik

Hi @mik, thanks for the update! Please keep me posted on progress and let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

Hey @mik @divakhnenko any updates here on release of ICD10CM 2022 updates? We would be fine without mappings if those are ready.


Hi @Aaron_Kawalsky , we are in the final lap for the mappings. Bear just a little bit longer with us… I hope that by the end of next week we will have a release with the latest ICD10-CM codes including mappings.

Hey @mik wanted to follow up once more here. Are the latest ICD-10 updates available?


Dear @Aaron_Kawalsky , really sorry for the delay. We experienced a series of small hiccups during the past days and I wasn’t entirely sure, when we can release. But now it is out and the latest release should have all the ICD10CM 2022 concepts, mapped to standard OHDSI concepts in the usual way.