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Update ICD-10 CM G56.0x mapping to SNOMED

Hi team,
ICD-10CM codes:

  1. G56.0 – Carpal tunnel syndrome
  2. G56.00 – Carpal tunnel syndrome, unspecified upper limb
  3. G56.01 – Carpal tunnel syndrome, right upper limb
  4. G56.02 – Carpal tunnel syndrome, left upper limb
  5. G56.03 – Carpal tunnel syndrome, bilateral upper limbs

All these codes are mapped to one SNOMED 380094 – Carpal tunnel syndrome.

SOMED contains codes for left and right conditions:
12265501000119101 – Bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome
293861000119102 – Carpal tunnel syndrome of left wrist
293871000119108 – Carpal tunnel syndrome of right wrist

Is it possible to update CDM mapping?

Hi, @gongliangz

Thank you for the catch. We will update these mappings.

Do you know about the mechanism of Community contribution? Have you considered it?

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@zhuk Uploaded templated_6_mofiying_mapping to google drive, thanks.