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Upcoming Themis meeting thread

Hello all,

This thread will be the upcoming Themis meeting thread. I’ll post upcoming Themis meetings here. Please reply to this thread with any questions or comments regarding the logistics of the Themis meetings or if you need me to forward you the meeting invite.

Questions about the CDM conventions, lack of a convention, or other debatable topic, please create a thread in the CDM Builders category and tag ‘themis’ when you create your topic. I’d like to keep this thread concise and on topic :slight_smile:

How to tag Themis:

The next Themis meeting will be this Thursday, May 18th @ 9:30am Eastern Time on the MS Teams channel. Note: Themis is a sub-working group of the CDM WG, so you will find us in the left hand side sub-group drop down on the CDM WG page.

Topic: We will create a template for Themis issues, then discuss and walk through the Themis process using an example issue.

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I believe the next Themis meeting via teams is today @ 9:30AM ET.

Hello all,

The next Themis meeting will be held at 9:30am Eastern Time on Teams.

Topic: I will review changes made to the Github site and then we will review all open Themis issues for prioritization. If you would like a sneak peak, see all Themis issues here :slight_smile:

Tomorrow, July 20th will be our next WG meeting. Details have been posted above.

Topic: We will review the Themis process for taking a question or proposed convention from GitHub issue through ratification & documentation. With any extra time, we will discuss “sponsorship” of open issues and continue prioritizing the open Themis issues.

Please visit the Themis GitHub site to see the list of current, open Themis issues.

Tomorrow, August 3rd Themis will meet to discuss the following:

  • Review the Themis convention process to ensure no changes are needed before the process is finalized and documentation has been updated
  • Review open issues which have a sponsor for prioritization
  • Review the multiple deaths question on the forum; in 2018 Themis “approved” of multiple death records for a person in CDM v5.3.1; was this changed in v5.4 to only allow one death? Or was the change to allow multiple deaths never documented and therefore not included in the conventions for CDM v5.4? The Death table conventions in v5.4 states “A person can have up to one record if the source system contains evidence about the Death”

August 17th Themis meets at 10am Eastern Time. The agenda:

  • Updates
  • Discuss metadata of new conventions
  • Review open issues

September 7th Themis meets at 9:30am Eastern Time. Themis will have the following presentations/discussions:

Please join us here on MS Teams at 9:30am Eastern Time.

October 5, 2023 at 9:30am Themis will meet on MS Teams. Agenda as follows:

Maxim will present issues #73, Clear documentation on conventions for Custom Concepts, and #76, Guidance needed for Drug Exposure days_supply field, for final decision.

Next Meeting: December 7, 2023


  • Review the process & logistics of a Themis issue from inception through ratified & documented convention
    • Documentation-a-thon?
    • Kanban board
    • Repo library
  • Review current Themis issues & receive updates from sponsors
  • Review & plan upcoming Themis meetings; this is the last scheduled meeting

Next meeting: May 2, 2024 at 10:30am Eastern Time

Now that April Olympians has concluded, we are going to review what was done, where Themis stands, and what are the WG’s next steps during our May 2nd meeting.

Next meeting: May 16, 2024

We will discuss items on our new Themis Kanban board. Our focus will be on utilizing the documentation template to record conventions for the Themis convention library. We do have a few ratified Themis conventions which were missed during the April Olympians effort and need to be documented in the convention library/repository. We will use these as our examples on how to utilize the template. This will also be a good time for those sponsoring active issues to learn how to best document their issue upon ratification.

Join us on MS Teams!