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Upcoming Themis meeting thread

Hello all,

This thread will be the upcoming Themis meeting thread. I’ll post upcoming Themis meetings here. Please reply to this thread with any questions or comments regarding the logistics of the Themis meetings or if you need me to forward you the meeting invite.

Questions about the CDM conventions, lack of a convention, or other debatable topic, please create a thread in the CDM Builders category and tag ‘themis’ when you create your topic. I’d like to keep this thread concise and on topic :slight_smile:

How to tag Themis:

The next Themis meeting will be this Thursday, May 18th @ 9:30am Eastern Time on the MS Teams channel. Note: Themis is a sub-working group of the CDM WG, so you will find us in the left hand side sub-group drop down on the CDM WG page.

Topic: We will create a template for Themis issues, then discuss and walk through the Themis process using an example issue.

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