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Unable to stratify by race / ethnicity unknown in Atlas incidence rate analysis

Is this forum or the Github the appropriate place to get support on Atlas?

I filed a Github issue: https://github.com/OHDSI/Atlas/issues/2636

The issue is that the incidence rate analysis tool in Atlas is unable to stratify records by race/ethnicity unknown, despite this being the largest group in the records the incidence analysis is being run on.

Open to any suggestions on how to fix this! (Right now I am solving this issue by subtracting the total from the known race/ethnicity values)

Thank you!

Hi @jaan
Did you map these race/ethnicity unknown to anything?
maybe if you mao them to a especific number like 9, then, you can run code for that!

Oh that’s an interesting idea! Do you have an example of mapping race/ethnicity or other patient variables to a number using Atlas?

The only way I’m aware of how to do this is in SQL, not Atlas.

Friends: Don’t do that. “Unknown” is a flavor of null in OMOP. So, the race_concept_id=0. Don’t know about ATLAS.


Did you try to add a new strata, and use the ‘demographics’ criteria to specify the desired race/ethnicity? It doesn’t automatically stratify by ‘race’, but rather you would create each individual strata by specifying the desired race/ethnicity of interest.

Thanks @Chris_Knoll !

Yes I’m able to do that, but I’m unable to create a strata for ‘Race unknown’ or ‘Ethnicity unknown’.

There are SNOMED concepts associated with those, but there are zero records.

If I do it manually in SQL, then there are nonzero records (in fact, the bulk of the records in the data source have race / ethnicity unknown!).

Is the only way to create such a strata manually in SQL for now, until race/ethnicity unknown becomes supported?

You can do it, but I see you have to sorta hack it: when you pick the race/gender concepts, you can’t find concept_id = 0 (unknown concept). So, in order to do that, you can use the ‘import’ function (click the import button next to ‘add’) and just enter a ‘0’ for the concept ID. it will import the ‘unkonwn concept’ and it should work for you.

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Friends: a stratum, many strata. Don’t torture me. :frowning:

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