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Unable to register descendant concepts in Atlas


(mintmountain89) #1


I have fixed up Atlas on a local server and am trying to build concept sets. I would like to select hypertensive disorder (concept ID 316866) which has a non-zero descendant record count. However, when adding it to my concept set and selecting descendants, the concepts fail to show up under ‘included concepts’. Am I missing something?

Non-zero Descendant record count

Unable to register concepts under ‘Included Concepts’

Thank you :slight_smile:

(Ajit Londhe) #2

Right mouse click and hit Inspect, go to Console. Do you see any errors there?

Also, does your vocabulary have all tables, like concept_ancestor and concept_relationship?

(mintmountain89) #3

Thanks, here is the error message when I click on inspect.

I checked in SQL that the concept_ancestor and concept_relationship table exist, and have records shown below:



(Ajit Londhe) #4

Can you try going to this URL? It is the WebAPI endpoint for obtaining all related concepts for that concept, and it is the data that is used in the Atlas user interface. Do you see any errors in the response?

<WebAPI URL>/vocabulary/<source key of your vocabulary daimon>/concept/316866/related

(mintmountain89) #5

it looks okay, at this URL I can see the related concepts: