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Unable to launch Usagi

Hello Everyone,

I have downloaded usagi (jar file) latest version from the github. I am using windows OS 7

However when I double click to launch it, it doesn’t open at all. When I try to launch it via command prompt based on stack overflow suggestions, i get the below error

Can any of you help? Am I missing any dependencies?


you need to use 64 bit java

Hello @jliddil1,

Thanks for the response. But I was able to launch it successfully few months back. There has been no upgrades/downgrades to my system. Hence I was confused. it’s 64 but java version

Can there be any other reason as to why it isn’t launching?

Is the error message about Java version? Sorry, I am not sure what does that mean. Can you help?


Can you try to kick it off from command line using “java -jar” command? For example if your jar file path is C:\Users\selva.kumaran\Documents\Usagi_v1.2.7.jar, then type:

C:\Users\selva.kumaran>java -jar C:\Users\selva.kumaran\Documents\Usagi_v1.2.7.jar