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UCUM concept for avoirdupois pound

Can an UCUM concept be added for avoirdupois pound, [lb_av]? I know it is equivalent to lb_us, but I see lb_av in source data and would like to avoid a custom map if possible.

@DTorok: But you do need to map it, don’t you?

Yes, the unit of measure needs to be mapped to a Unit concept, but if [lb_av] where a concept the ETL can just look up the concept where concept_code = source_value. As is, a custom map that maps [lb_av] to the concept for [lb_us] is needed.

And why wouldn’t you just use lb_us and be done wiht it?

I would be interested in the source for [lb_us]. According to my source, [lb_av] is a valid UCUM code, but [lb_us] is not: The Unified Code for Units of Measure https://ucum.org/ucum-essence.xml