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UB04 vocabularies issues

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #1

I have a couple of questions regarding these UB04 vocabularies:

  1. We have outdated reference.
    This is a snapshot of the VOCABULARY table

Seems that https://www.resdac.org links are not valid anymore. Can you please provide correct ones.

  1. Comparing “UB04 Typ bill” vocabulary with its reference we found discrepancies.
    A. Leading zeroes - there are for example ‘0812’, ‘0813’, ‘0814’ codes instead of ‘812’, ‘813’, ‘814’.
    So we just remove them, seems to be not a problem at all.
    B. Concept Names discrepancy:
    811 - 817. Our codes are “Hospital (non-hospital based)…” – what is it even suppose to mean? :slight_smile:
    obviously, a typo, so should be changed to “Special Facility Hospice (Non-Hospital Based)…” respectively
    and 086 code “Special Facility-Other” should be renamed with ‘Residential Facility’.

Are you good with that?
tagging @Christian_Reich as well.