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Typo-ish "error" in CDM ETL Conventions for Observation table

On this page OMOP CDM v5.4

We list the following

ETL Conventions

Records whose Source Values map to any domain besides Condition, Procedure, Drug, Measurement or Device should be stored in the Observation table. Observations can be stored as attribute value pairs, with the attribute as the Observation Concept and the value representing the clinical fact. This fact can be a Concept (stored in VALUE_AS_CONCEPT), a numerical value (VALUE_AS_NUMBER), a verbatim string (VALUE_AS_STRING), or a datetime (VALUE_AS_DATETIME). Even though Observations do not have an explicit result, the clinical fact can be stated separately from the type of Observation in the VALUE_AS_ fields. It is recommended for Observations that are suggestive statements of positive assertion should have a value of β€˜Yes’ (concept_id=4188539), recorded, even though the null value is the equivalent.*

But there is no value_as_datetime column in observation table? (unless I am overlooking something)

OMOPv6.0 has that field - OMOP CDM v6.0 but I do not see it in earlier versions

It is possible that some Observation records might store a result as a date value.

Yeah, the documentation seemed to have gone ahead of itself.

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