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Type concepts - EHR billing record (professional billing v hospital billing)

How are folks distinquishing between clinical data extracted from hospital billing data sources versus professional billing data sources?

We are currently using ‘EHR billing record’ as the type concept id for both, but would like a way to more specifically identify data provenance.

Thanks in advance for any insight,



Doesn’t work like that. If the source is an EHR the Type Concept will say that. If the source is a claim (which is what you probably are looking at) the Type Concept will distinguish between inpatient, outpatient and facility claims, but that’s it. Records from institutional claims will produce linked CARE_SITE records, records from professional claims will produce PROVIDER records. That’s how you could back track it. But again: OMOP is about the patient, not about running healthcare.

Thanks @Christian_Reich. This is helfpul.

I’m looking at two distinct sources of EHR data. This system (Epic) captures professional billing data separately from hosptital billing data::

  • ARPB_TRANSACTIONS (professional billing data)
  • HSP_TRANSACTIONS (hospital billing data)

I have been using standard concept ‘EHR billing record’ to capture provenance for all data coming from these tables.

What would you recommend in this scenario?


OMOP doesn’t care. Unless, unless you have a use case. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Christian_Reich.
I thought that’s what you might say :slight_smile:

The use case is just more granular insight into the provenance of the data. I agree that simple is better here, as it the extra granularity doens’t buy us much and adds complexity to downstream analytics workflows.