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Two New CDM Subgroups

(Clair Blacketer) #1

Hi Everyone,

At the latest CDM working group call we decided that we need to form two subgroups: a development subgroup and a cost subgroup.

I will lead the development subgroup with a focus on the reproducible process to get from specification -> DDL -> documentation. I created a channel here in the CDM Working Group team for anyone interested. I will continue communications there so be on the lookout for meeting information.

I need someone to lead the COST subgroup. This remit of this group is to examine the current specification of the COST table, write comprehensive standards and, if necessary, recommend changes. We have heard from many collaborators that the current COST table is very US-focused and I hope that folks representing both the EU and APAC can join so this can be rectified. Here is the link to this subgroup channel; please post there if you would like to lead and/or contribute to this work.

Thank you,

(Philip Solovyev) #2

Hi Clair,

I clicked on the link for the development subgroup, but it seems I do not have permissions to be added to the group.

(Clair Blacketer) #3

@Philip_Solovyev you should have access now