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Turkey the only location with country explicitly stated in the name

Hi all,

I am mapping some contries to location class and noticed that name for concept 4133506 is “Turkey - Country”. It seems to be the only Location with “- Country” explicitly defined within the name. We are using the standard name to populate some UI elements and so wanted to know if this was something that would be updated in the vocabulary or to program around it.

Many thanks,


Hi @tomstone786 - welcome to OHDSI!

This has to be a SNOMED internal decision (because they have other terms that have the description Turkey, not only locations, such as “Turkey - meat”). We are simply consuming SNOMED’s descriptions and would not change them.
One would maybe want to discuss, if the SNOMED locations should be made non-standard and mapped over to OSM (or the other way around)…

Thanks @mik good to be here. This highlights the other issue that Turkey as a country doesn’t exist in the OSM vocab, and is the reason why we are mapping it to the location class, I think this is described in another forum post.