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Trying to find ohdsi-in-a-box.vdi.tar.gz

Hello everyone,

My name is José Manuel Marrón, I am currently working at Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville and I am interested in using OHDSI software to apply OMOP CDM. I have been watching some tutorials available in the OHDSI web and most of them are about installing the OHDSI-in-a-box Virtual Machine. I have tried to download this VM via different links and all of them are down or are not working. I would like to know if it is my PC fault or it is really not working. This is the link I tried out: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzvzejDbqkQcbDY5V3NNemx2Nk0
Can someone provide me a new link to download it?

Thank you in advance,

José Manuel