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Trying to find a concept_id for "Community-acquired disease" in SNOMED-CT

(Sumnemo) #1

I’m trying to find the concept_id matched to “community-acquired disease” in SNOMED-CT Vocabulary.

According to the definition of “community-acquired disease,” which defined as “infections manifesting and diagnosed within 48 hours of admission in patients without any previous encounter with healthcare,” it seems to be different from the secondary infection from the hospital. It could be “tuberculosis pneumonia” or “mumps” originated from the social relationship.

I have thought that “acute infection disease(4271450)” is possible considering the fact this infection is diagnosed within 48 hours of admission. However, it seems to be too broad.
Is there any good idea of finding the right concept_ID for this?

(Polina Talapova) #2

Hello @sumnemo,

To date, there is no such concept in the SNOMED CT. You may have noticed, that there are only “385093006 Community acquired pneumonia” and “423561003 Community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection”.

For other infections, SNOMED does not use “community-acquired” as an additional etiologic identifier. However, there is a semantically opposite concept “408678008 Healthcare associated infectious disease”. So I may suppose than any infection, not stated as nosocomial and diagnosed within 48 hours of admission without any previous encounter with healthcare, is considered to be community-acquired.
You may try to use the following criteria:

  • condition_concept_id - any hierarchical child of “40733004 Infectious disease” (except “408678008 Healthcare associated infectious disease”, at least)
  • difference between visit_start_date and condition_start_date should be less than or equal to 2 days
  • condition_type - ‘Primary’

(Sumnemo) #3

Thank you for your kind reply.