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transportPlp (function) Transports a plpResult to a new location and removed sensitive data

I am currently trying to export a PLP model after it has been run without the sensitive data.
I discovered the function transportPlp() from PatientLevelPrediction 4.4.0,
However i can’t seem to find this functionality and its documentation in the PatientLevelPrediction package version 5.0.3.

My question is if this functionality has been remove or build into another function in the PatientLevelPrediction package?

Best Julie

Hi Julie,

Good spot. You can now use the savePlpShareable(result, saveDirectory, minCellCount = 10) that ensures there is no sensitive stuff and saves everything as json or csv files to make it easy to check that everything sensitive has gone.

You can load a model saved this way using: loadPlpShareable()

Best wishes,

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