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Tomcat 403 Forbidden when logging in from a call to https://server:8443/WebAPI/user/me

We have a version of Atlas and the WebAPI running and the WebAPI connected to our active directory to log in users. When I try to log in I get see the succesful message in the catalina.out log file but the site just keeps spinning and never actually logging in the user. When I inspect the network traffic I see the error coming from a call to https://server:8443/WebAPI/user/me presumably to get user information.

I have checked the psotgres logs and there don’t seem to be any errors shown that give an indication the database is having any issues.

The tomcat logs just give a 403 message when checked.

Thanks in advance for any help that you can give me and please let me know if there are any files or other information that would help solve this issue.