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Today's Community Call: Tools for Adoption of OHDSI Data Standards

Please join us today at 11 am ET for our next OHDSI community call, when we will have three demos to educate the community about tools to use for the adoption of our OHDSI data standards. Topics and presenters are available below:

• Introduction to CDM v5.4 (Clair Blacketer)

• OHDSI Vocabularies (Michael Kallfelz)

• ETL Inspection Report (Maxim Moinat)

We will also have an update on the APAC Symposium, and news on an OHDSI Open-Source Governance Workshop. If you don’t have the calendar invite, you can join the meeting using the link below.

Hey, @Paul_Nagy, could you share also here the link to the
OHDSI Open-Source Governance Workshop
I wasnt on the call, and cant find it on Teams