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Tip: Achilles RC/PC/DRC/DPC counts in Atlas

Hello Atlas implementers,

I didn’t realize this until today that we had this officially available: if you are using Atlas 2.11.0 or greater, you can populate the results table “achilles_result_concept_count” for showing record count / person count / desc RC / desc PC in concept results using this endpoint:

(demo site: https://atlas-demo.ohdsi.org/WebAPI/ddl/achilles)

This was originally going to be in Achilles package, but now is simply a script that you can grab and run.

Thank you @Sergey and @Anton_Abushkevich for adding this!



if atlas ver is under 2.11 , can not execute scirpt that you make?

Great work! Can Achilles also still be used to calculate and show the RC/DRC? Or do we have to use the new achilles_result_concept_count table?