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THEMIS: New Initiative to create definitive conventions for data in the OMOP CDM


(Hamed Abedtash) #82

Same here, no pencil icon.

(Chris Knoll) #83

This is working much better than having a dedicated category :wink:

(Lee Evans) #84

Here are some screenshots I made with my non-admin forum account:

I’ll have to investigate further if you are not able to view the pencil icon.

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #85

Where are we with


Did we agree with


I’m asking, because we find an alternative way:
we can use ‘Tobacco smoking status NHIS’ concept and its answers

(Erik van Mulligen) #86

Hi Christian, would love to contribute as well. I see some commonalities with my contributions to the FAIR initiative.

(Patrick Young) #87

Hello @Christian_Reich,

I very much enjoyed participating in the OHDSI symposium in Rotterdam. I would like to join both the CDM/Vocab Dev and THEMIS working groups. I have significant experience working with FHIR, Epic, PCORnet, QDM, and OMOP across a variety of technology platforms and am looking forward to contributing.


(Seng Chan You) #88

We do have several unresolved important issues in THEMIS.
I think it would be helpful if we focus on the list of 10 or somewhat more issues with ‘high priority’ in the OHDSI symposium annually. Some of candidates for this would be ‘standardization of basic information for smoking, alcohol, and physical activity’, ‘family history’, and ‘allergy’.

So, then we can figure out at least 10 issues with elegant and precise solution, annually.

How do you think, @Christian_Reich @mvanzandt

(Christian Reich) #89

Agree. Anything in mind? Workshop for a bunch of folks involved?

(Seng Chan You) #90

Either bunch of folks or core THEMIS members only would be fine.

Still, I do believe if one wants to participate, she or he should have original data about it and show it (If one wants to discuss standardized rule for smoking history, then she or he should show exactly what kind of information they have (such as only data about ‘current’, ‘ex’, or ‘non smoker’?, or ‘pack-year’ data?, or answers to the ‘how many packs do you smoke per day?’)

@Christian_Reich, Is it okay if I make a thread for voting in the THEMIS Github Issue page?

I think we need standardized rule for :

  1. Transfusion
  2. Smoking history
  3. Alcohol history
  4. Family history
  5. Allery
  6. Radiology data
  7. Visit for Health examination
  8. Microbiology (culture and sensitivity to the antibiotics)

(Melanie Philofsky) #91

Colorado will participate. We have:

The first 4 have been modeled into the CDM. We haven’t done anything with Allergy, but would like to discuss. I’m unsure on your definition for #7: Visit for Health examination. Isn’t this a Visit Occurrence? Or is there further meaning?