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THEMIS - Combining meetings for all sub-working groups

We would like to combine all the THEMIS sub-working groups into one to work on Release 2.

Please use the URL below to pick the best time that works for you, if you are interested in coming to these meetings.

NOTE: The time is based on Eastern Standard Time. Also, I do have it starting next week. The week after is somewhat late and most of us will be at the Symposium so didn’t want to start this on the week of October 8th. Also, I only picked the mornings to accommodate for folks either on European or Asian time zones.

Finally, if you want to volunteer as our project manager for this project, please let us know.

Thank you.

Hello! My name is Silvia Valkova and I am an engagement manager at IQVIA Government Solutions. I support research projects for different U.S. Federal government agencies.

I would like to join the group and help as a project manager. I learned about OHDSI and the OMOP CDM through Mui and Christian and look forward to joining this community and contributing in a meaningful way.

Best regards,