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The OHDSI Book 日本語翻訳

(Masafumi Okada) #1

Korean translationからGoogle翻訳したものを下訳として日本語版を書くのが楽なのではないかというアイデアをいただきました。
the OHDSI Wiki, Book of OHDSI Cheat Sheet

(Seng Chan You) #2

Happy to hear this
Here are the links for GitHub or online book of Korean Book of OHDSI

(Seng Chan You) #3

And be careful for Japanese font.
I solve Korean font issue by this commit.

(Rae Woong Park) #4

I am in Tokyo now for OHDSI Japan 3rd meeting.
And I proposed the exact same idea to the Japan community.
Good Luck!

(Rae Woong Park) #5

Oh! You are Mr. Okada who I met in the conference :smiley:

(Masafumi Okada) #6

Yes, that is your great proposal :smiley:
Thank you!