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The episode_concept_id for pregnancy is missing?

Hi. We are trying to populate Episode table for pregnancy but could not find episode_concept_id for pregnancy from the recommended list below.



Could you please help me to find the correct concept id? Thanks!

@cukarthik, @aostropolets

I’m not sure. I wonder if Disease Episode would work. What do you think @aostropolets ?

As far as I’m concerned, episode was primarily designed for cancer so you wouldn’t find pregancy as a specific term there. there are broader terms like ‘Disease episode’ if you consider pregnancy to be a disease :slight_smile:

Is there a reason why you wouldn’t go with a regular condition_era? After all, pregnancy is a state with clear start and end and doesn’t have all the complex regimens etc. cancer has. There is a good paper I think you saw on pregnancy episodes: Inferring pregnancy episodes and outcomes within a network of observational databases - PMC

Well, it’s true that the Episode was invented by the Oncology WG. But it could be used by other use cases as well, where we have a heterogeneous mix of diagnoses, diagnostics and therapies. Eras are confined to a single domain, and the Condition Eras also have one and the same Condition concept.

So, from that perspective “Disease Episode” is just fine. We should have called it “Condition Episode” to not run into the trap of having to call pregnancy a disease.

What are you trying to achieve, @cukarthik? What is the use case?

It makes it easier for use to attach measurements for a pregnancy and there EMRs that have this link already that we an ETL. I know the maternal health working group @acallahan @Miriam2 could also provide more use cases.