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The Book of OHDSI is available!

(Martijn Schuemie) #1

For those of you who missed the OHDSI Symposium, one highlight was that we released the first edition of the Book of OHDSI. The book is available online at book.ohdsi.org, as HTML as well as EPUB and PDF (click the small download icon at the top. Note that a Kindle version will be posted shortly). You can also order a paperback version through Amazon at cost price.

We would hereby like to thank everyone in the community who contributed their valuable time and efforts to the book. The book is truly a community effort, and would not have been possible without your help!

The journey of the book does not end here. Already small changes have been made to the online version, and the book will evolve over time as our shared knowledge and tools evolve. Our current thinking is that by the time of the next US symposium we will release a second edition as paperback, and continue from there.

Martijn Schuemie and David Madigan

(Mike Hamidi) #2

Very well written book. Highly recommend it.

(Vojtech Huser) #3

I would like to propose that the book has a companion R (and Rmd) file (or set of files) that contain the examples used in the book.

When a reader wants to try some of those, it involves cut and paste. Well, it is learning… but still. Many books choose to have companion code .zip file.

(Mark Seal) #4

I like this. I suggest to put it up as a separate git file, that way it would be easier to track and make changes.