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[The Book of OHDSI] Exercises and Eunomia R package

Dear OHDSI community:

I am self-training in OMOP, and would like to do the exercises offered by the Book of OHDSI. However, it seems like the Eunomia package in R is not available anymore. Is there an alternative to this? I’d like to play around with some queries and get the bases.

Best regards,
Lauren Fromont

@lauren.fromont , welcome to the community!

You can download Eunomia directly from the OHDSI Git repository. Instructions are available here: A Standard Dataset in the OMOP Common Data Model • Eunomia

Happy hacking!

Thank you Patrick for your response! CRAN does warn me that the package has been removed from the library, though. I will try to use on from the archive on an older version of R.