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Technology Solution Working Group

Dear All,
After talking to few of the OHDSI community veterans, I felt there is a need of Creating a Technology Solutions Working Group to provide best practices, architecture guidelines, assessing the current technology challanges and current architecture and propose a forward looking Technology Landscape.

Goal: The OHDSI Technology Workgroup will be a forum for discussions related to Technology solutions, selecting state-of-art technology including hardware/software, tools processes, best practices/guidelines, frameworks for OHDSI. We welcome all participants and attendees interested in the OHDSI Technology Working Group.
Deliverables: Our deliverables will include overall Technology framework, assessing the roadblock or performance issues, sharing the best practices/guidelines supporting the advancement of evidence generation from observation data.

Looking forward to your suggestions and support…

Susant Mallick, Enterprise Architect & Digital Evangelist
Amazon AWS