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Target with Subgroup and Feature (T/S/F) - detailed guidance

(Vojtech Huser) #1

Anthony Sena presented a powerful framework at symposium.

Computerized generation of cohorts is really great addition to just GUI way in Atlas.

Sena, can you please elaborate on the names of the packages when your slide says “implemented in a series of R packages”.

We want to define 3 targets and 10 subgroups around our domain of interest and have the cohorts be generated by your TS framework (your series of packages). Ideally, can you author a section in Book of OHDSI on how to do it.
Or do you need help and other R codes to chime it to make it an R package “cohort-generator-TSF”

(Anthony Sena) #2

Hi Vojtech,

The large-scale characterization framework is currently implemented in several study packages: Charybdis, ScyllaCharacterization and HERACharacterization. These study packages evolved with each iteration so you will see some small changes in the code but the methodology is consistent throughout those 3 packages.

My plan is to generalize this framework to a study skeleton package (similar to what has been done for Estimation & Prediction) so that you could use that to construct a new study package. At this time, you may need to copy/paste this code to start a new study package to make it work.