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Survey data in OHDSI


(Selva) #1

Hello everyone,

We have a survey data which has questions like ‘How many kms did youvrun in the past 1 month?’ and more questions which is about patient lifestyle / social things etc .

  1. How or where can I store this data in CDM? Is “observation” table used for storing data like this?

  2. Am I right to understand then that I have to create my own concepts for survey data in our concepts table?

  3. Can I create my own columns in any of the cdm tables for our purpose of analysis?

Request help from you people. Would be helpful


(Seng Chan You) #2

SURVEY_CONDUCT table can be helpful for you, @SELVA_MUTHU_KUMARAN

(Selva) #3

Hello @SCYou - Thanks for the response. Am I right to understand that Survey data doesn’t necessarily have to be treated as a separate data source? Instead the survey data can be put under survey_conduct and observation table which can then be made part of the same CDM instance? Instead of having two instances

Can you guide me on this?

(Seng Chan You) #4

If you can link or merge patients from two data sources (clinical data and survey data) , then I don’t think you need to seperate those.

(Selva) #5

Hello @SCYou - Is there any sample data (Demo data) or doc that you can share/direct me to a resource that can help me understand survey data mapping with “Observation” and “Survey_Conduct” table? Currently, we are waiting to receive the data. For example, our questions might be like how many hours did you run in the past 1 month? Values might be like >5 hours and <10 hours, <5 hours , > 10 hours, “did not run” etc. Currently am not able to kind of imagine how to code this? Should I create my own concepts? If yes, then these questions might be very specific to local data, can I just include few concepts in our concept table then?

If I feel the requirement/ new concept caters to the local population, I can add concepts of my interest in Concept table. Guess I don’t have to take any formal approval from working group.

Concept Id can be of my choice: Ex: 200000000001,200000000002 etc like this?

Any help is appreciated.


(Selva) #6

@SCYou - Can you please help me with the below post?

(Seng Chan You) #7

@SELVA_MUTHU_KUMARAN Sorry, but I’ve not used the survey table before. I’ll take a look at it.