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SURVEY_CONDUCT how this works


(Nicolas Paris) #1

hi all

I have read the new SURVEY_CONDUCT documentation there

On page 59 the conventions says:

An observation record is linked to the survey_conduct table thought **observation.domain_occurrence_id** and **survey.survey_concept_id**
  1. I assume that there is a typo in the documentation and survey.survey_concept_id should become survey_conduct.survey_concept_id
  2. The observation table does not contain yet the domain_occurrence_id nor the domain_id columns.
  3. Later (on page 60), the observation table does not mention those columns too.

Please let me know ,

(Christian Reich) #2


Correct. The documentation is off. Will fix. Thanks for the catch.

And the domain is currently not defined as part of the data. Only as part of the conventions.

(Selva Muthu Kumaran Sathappan) #3

Hello @parisni and @Christian_Reich,

I am working with survey data as well but have got few queries.

  1. Answers/Responses to the survey questions should be stored only in the columns “Value_as_concept_id”, “Value_as_number”,“Value_as_string” etc based on their datatype. Am I right? There are no columns as “Observation_as_concept_id”, “Observation_as_number”,“Observation_as_string”.

  2. What is the difference between OBSERVATION_EVENT_ID and OBS_EVENT_FIELD_CONCEPT_ID? I understand that OBSERVATION_EVENT_ID will be Survey_Conduct_Id but what goes into OBS_EVENT_FIELD_CONCEPT_ID? Any example please?

  3. difference between Visit_Detail and Visit_Occurrence fields? Any example please

  4. Currently, we use 5.3.1 version of CDM. Is it okay to bring Survey_Conduct table for our CDM instance (5.3.1)?

(Selva Muthu Kumaran Sathappan) #4

Can anyone help us with this?


Got some problems with use case too.

Q1: Can we use survey_conduct for case when there are some procedures/measurements/etc. in source data united under one questionnaire?
Or, as convention says, survey_conduct is only

to store an instance of a completed survey or questionnaire

Q2: what kind of domains are suitable for survey_concept_id?