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Surgery and Perioperative Medicine WG


Hope to see those of you interested better definition of perioperative cohorts / phenotypes, and generating observational evidence to improve surgical outcomes, at the Surgery and Perioperative Medicine WG meeting, tomorrow at 7am PST / 8am MST / 10am EST / 3pm BST / 4pm CET - xpm etc. :slight_smile:

For evergreening purposes, probably best to check our MS Team page here to confirm meeting information in the future.

The meeting link (current as of Feb 21 2023) is below:

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Surgery and Perioperative WG June 28th meeting (10am EST / 7am PST)

Hope you’ll join us, our plan is to discuss the following:

  1. Fragility fracture & study-thon planning.
  2. Update on Aortic Syndrome Phenotyping
  3. OHDSI Wide initiative: HowOften; How can the Surgery and Peri-op Medicine WG contribute.
  4. Related to (3) and opportunities discussed with the Patient Level Prediction WG, a discussion with regards to the ‘major non cardiac surgery’ (MNCS) phenotype.
    Click here to join the meeting